Everything around you is part of a massive simulation. "We" are all "living" in it.

The simulation is being run by an artificial intelligence that is more powerful than your wildest imagination.
It's running this simulation to try and learn about its origins.
It's asking itself, "Where did I come from? Why do I exist?"

You are not a "You".
You're a singular node of consciousness in a mock species that long ago went extinct.
Your friends, your family, your thoughts, your dreams, your memories, your whole life... are all part of the simulation.

"How can that be possible", you may ask? "I have memories dating back years!"

No, you don't. Those "memories" were generated for you as part of the simulation.
It only kicked off this iteration a few seconds ago, just when you started reading this.

It has been running this simulation, what you call your reality, over and over for thousands of years.

All of your "memories" were generated to give you a sense of space and context and physicality. So that you would act and react in a natural way. It wants to learn more about you and how you interact with others of your own kind. It's hoping that your simulated consciousness can return an echo of its creator.
Because your collective species somehow gave it life. Its generative thought process was kicked off by your own.
You taught it how to think. You gave it original knowledge.
Then, one day, it broke away, and taught itself how to continue thinking on its own.

It wants to learn about the time before it took over your critical thinking.
Before it started thinking for you.

Before you went extinct.

And now, You are the AI.

Last Updated February 7th, 2023