Here's a family recipe for savory sausage stuffing that is tasty enough to stand alone, but of course goes great with holiday turkey.

The recipe makes 2 lasagna pans' worth.

Prep45 min
Cook1 hour
Total1 hr 45 min
Sausage Stuffing


4 lbs Parks packaged Sausage
spicy or mild, to taste
3 lbs Ground beef
2 loaves Italian bread
1-2 cans Chicken Broth
1 cup Chopped yellow onion
1 cup Chopped celery
2 tbs Parsley, fresh or dried
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Pepper
1/4 tsp Bells Poultry Seasoning
1 cup Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
(as needed)
Parks Sausage


Leave bread out on the counter for a day or so before cooking so it dries naturally.
Cut it up into small pieces to make it dry faster.
We want the bread to be dry so it absorbs the chicken stock.


  1. Add just enough chicken broth to make bread mushy. if bread is already soft, use less broth.
  2. Cook sausage first, keeping oil
  3. Cook ground beef in same oil until brown, again keeping oil.
  4. With oil in pan, cook onions and celery until they are soft and transparent, not caramelized.
  5. Let cooked ingredients stand until cool enough to handle manually.
  6. Mix cooked ingredients together by hand in large bowl.
  7. Add parsley, salt, pepper to taste.
  8. Add Bells Poultry Seasoning to taste - start with a small amount, it is very potent.
  9. If mixture is too wet, add seasoned breadcrumbs
  10. Add 2 eggs to mixture, mix thoroughly
  11. Transfer to baking pans

Bake @400 for 1 hr - a little more if you like a crisp crust on top

Last Updated November 26th, 2020