About Me

My name is Jim Conte. I'm involved in all aspects of web projects from the business initiative to software development and creative concept, through site launch and maintenance, with a keen eye on security and performance. I'm a Queens, NY native living on Long Island with my beautiful, extraordinary wife Nicole and our four boys Benjamin, Nicholas, Charlie and Sam. Our boys are a constant source of joy and inspiration for us both.

I have strong creative passion, and I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from St. John's University. I earned my Masters in Business Administration from SUNY Polytechnic Institute majoring in technology management in December, 2016.

I am currently managing the programming team at Millennium Communications in Syosset, NY. A diverse, talented group, we produce enterprise level web applications with a strong security backbone. We focus mainly on sites leveraging the Drupal and Symfony frameworks in php, although we manage many sites in other languages like .Net and Cold Fusion.

About the Site

This site contains my work and experiments in art and technology. I have always updated my personal site using current technologies, and have produced many versions through the years. This current version is built using Drupal 8.

I add new pieces to my art portfolio as I make them, and maintain older works as well. I am leveraging the site as a learning experience, so I'll gradually be adding work over time, making changes to the presentation as I go.

My blog is primarily about technology and art, with some personal opinions sprinkled in.